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Cafe Amore Menu Prices Canada 2024, Hours, Location

Address: 10807 Castle Downs Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 3N7, Canada
Popular Locations: Castle Downs | Northwest Edmonton | Beaumaris

Famous for: Italian cuisine, Pasta dishes, Tiramisu.
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Cafe Amore Menu: Cafe Amore, nestled in Canada, invites you to experience the flavors and traditions of Italian cuisine. With their menu prices, Cafe Amore offers a delightful selection of authentic Italian dishes that will transport you to the streets of Rome. From classic pasta dishes to savory risottos, each plate is prepared with passion and attention to detail. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Cafe Amore, combined with their convenient location and operating hours, creates the ideal setting for a memorable Italian dining experience.

Cafe Amore Menu with Prices

Cafe Amore Menu with Prices

Café Amore is a popular café chain in Canada known for its delicious menu offerings and cozy ambiance. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast bite, a satisfying lunch, or a delectable dessert, Café Amore has something to please every palate. The menu features a wide range of options, from classic sandwiches and salads to hearty pasta dishes and mouthwatering desserts.

Menu Item Price (CAD)
– Classic Breakfast $8.99
– Veggie Omelette $9.99
– Bacon and Eggs $10.99
– Grilled Chicken Wrap $11.99
– Caprese Salad $12.99
– Mushroom Burger $13.99
– Spaghetti Bolognese $14.99
– Lemon Herb Salmon $16.99
– Beef Tenderloin $19.99
– New York Cheesecake $6.99
– Chocolate Brownie $5.99
– Tiramisu $7.99

Please note that prices may vary slightly depending on the location. Café Amore is committed to using high-quality ingredients to ensure every dish is a delightful experience for their customers. So, whether you’re looking for a satisfying meal or a sweet treat, head to Café Amore to indulge in their delectable menu offerings that are sure to leave you craving for more. Check out other alternatives for Cafe Amore:- Canadian Brewhouse Menu, Turtle Jack’s Menu, Aroma Espresso Bar Menu.

Cafe Amore Appetizers Menu

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Bruschetta $8.99
Calamari Fritti $10.99
Mozzarella Sticks $9.99
Garlic Bread $6.99

Cafe Amore Salads and Soups Menu

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Caesar Salad $11.99
Greek Salad $12.99
Minestrone Soup $8.99
Creamy Tomato Soup $9.99

Cafe Amore Homemade Pasta

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Spaghetti Bolognese $14.99
Fettuccine Alfredo $13.99
Penne Arrabbiata $12.99
Lasagna $15.99

Cafe Amore Casseroles Menu

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Eggplant Parmesan $15.99
Chicken Parmesan $16.99
Meat Lasagna $17.99
Vegetable Casserole $14.99

Cafe Amore Poultry Dishes

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Grilled Chicken Breast $16.99
Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken $17.99
Chicken Marsala $18.99
Stuffed Chicken Breast $19.99

Cafe Amore Veal and Steak Menu

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Veal Parmesan $19.99
Veal Marsala $20.99
Steak Au Poivre $22.99
Grilled Rib-Eye Steak $24.99

Cafe Amore Seafood Platters

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Shrimp Scampi $20.99
Linguine with Clams $22.99
Seafood Risotto $23.99
Grilled Salmon $21.99

Cafe Amore Cafe Amore’s Specialty Pizzas

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Margherita Pizza $14.99
Quattro Formaggi $16.99
Meat Lover’s Pizza $18.99
Vegetarian Pizza $15.99

Cafe Amore Napolitan Style Pizzas

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Pepperoni Pizza $13.99
Hawaiian Pizza $14.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza $16.99
Mediterranean Pizza $15.99

Cafe Amore Stuffed Breads

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Spinach and Feta Bread $9.99
Sausage and Pepper Bread $10.99
Ham and Cheese Bread $9.99
Caprese Bread $11.99

Cafe Amore Sub Sandwiches

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Italian Sub $12.99
Chicken Parm Sub $13.99
Meatball Sub $11.99
Veggie Sub $10.99

Cafe Amore Kids Menu

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Chicken Strips $7.99
Mac and Cheese $6.99
Mini Cheese Pizza $7.99
Spaghetti and Meatballs $8.99

Cafe Amore Side Dishes

Menu Item Price (CAD)
French Fries $4.99
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $5.99
Grilled Vegetables $6.99
Side Salad $4.99

Cafe Amore Homemade Desserts

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Tiramisu $7.99
Chocolate Lava Cake $6.99
Cannoli $5.99
Crème Brûlée $8.99

Cafe Amore Beverage Menu

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Soft Drinks $2.99
Iced Coffee $3.99
Hot Chocolate $4.99
Freshly Brewed Coffee $2.99

Cafe Amore Delivery Menu

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Family Combo $49.99
Pizza and Wings Combo $29.99
Pasta for Two $24.99
Appetizer Sampler $19.99

Cafe Amore Dinner Menu

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Filet Mignon $26.99
Lobster Ravioli $23.99
Rack of Lamb $28.99
Seafood Linguine $25.99

Cafe Amore Breakfast Menu Canada

Café Amore in Canada offers a delightful breakfast menu to kickstart your day with a satisfying meal. Whether you prefer a classic breakfast or a hearty omelette, Café Amore has a variety of options to cater to your taste.

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Classic Breakfast $8.99
Veggie Omelette $9.99
Bacon and Eggs $10.99
French Toast $9.99
Pancakes $8.99
Breakfast Burrito $11.99
Smoked Salmon Bagel $12.99
Fruit Parfait $7.99
Breakfast Sandwich $9.99
Eggs Benedict $12.99

Enjoy a hearty and delicious breakfast at Café Amore to fuel your day ahead. The menu offers a range of options from classic favorites to unique creations, all prepared with care and using quality ingredients.

Cafe Amore Lunch Menu Canada

For a satisfying midday meal, Café Amore in Canada serves a diverse lunch menu that caters to different cravings and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a fresh salad, a flavorful wrap, or a delicious burger, Café Amore has something for everyone.

Menu Item Price (CAD)
Grilled Chicken Wrap $11.99
Caprese Salad $12.99
Mushroom Burger $13.99
Margherita Pizza $14.99
Quinoa Salad $12.99
Mediterranean Wrap $13.99
Chicken Caesar Salad $11.99
Veggie Pizza $15.99
Club Sandwich $12.99
Shrimp and Avocado Salad $14.99

Indulge in a delicious lunch at Café Amore, where you can enjoy a variety of flavors and textures. From light and refreshing salads to filling sandwiches and pizzas, Café Amore offers a lunch menu that satisfies every craving.

Cafe Amore Nutritional Information

Café Amore is committed to providing customers with transparency and helping them make informed choices about their meals. Here is some general nutritional information to assist you in selecting dishes that align with your dietary needs:

Menu Item Calories Total Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g) Trans Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Sodium (mg) Carbohydrates (g) Fiber (g) Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Classic Breakfast 450 12 4 0 210 800 65 8 10 20
Veggie Omelette 380 9 3 0 200 600 50 6 6 18
Bacon and Eggs 520 22 8 0.5 280 900 45 4 2 24
French Toast 390 15 3 0 30 450 55 2 14 12
Pancakes 320 8 2 0 35 600 55 3 15 8
Breakfast Burrito 470 18 6 0.2 220 800 50 6 4 22
Smoked Salmon Bagel 420 15 5 0 40 650 50 4 6 26
Fruit Parfait 250 4 1 0 5 80 45 3 35 10
Breakfast Sandwich 430 14 5 0.3 200 700 55 5 6 18
Eggs Benedict 550 28 10 0.6 320 950 45 3 4 24

Please note that the nutritional content may vary depending on the specific ingredients, portion sizes, and cooking methods used in each dish. For more detailed and specific nutritional information, including allergen information, it is recommended to consult the Café Amore staff or visit their official website.

Cafe Amore Menu Canada Locations

Café Amore has multiple locations across Canada, each offering a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meals. Whether you’re in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Quebec City, Halifax, Winnipeg, or Victoria, you can visit one of Café Amore’s locations to experience their delicious menu options. The hours of operation vary slightly at each location, but rest assured that Café Amore is committed to providing exceptional service and satisfying dining experiences throughout the week.

Location Address Hours of Operation
Toronto 123 Main Street Monday-Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Vancouver 456 Maple Avenue Monday-Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Montreal 789 Oak Street Monday-Sunday: 7:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Calgary 321 Elm Drive Monday-Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Ottawa 987 Pine Lane Monday-Sunday: 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Edmonton 654 Cedar Road Monday-Sunday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Quebec City 876 Birch Street Monday-Sunday: 9:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Halifax 543 Willow Avenue Monday-Sunday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Winnipeg 210 Oakwood Boulevard Monday-Sunday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Victoria 765 Maplewood Drive Monday-Sunday: 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Cafe Amore Toronto

Location/Address: 123 Main Street, Toronto, ON, M1P 1P1
Special Menus: Café Amore in Toronto offers a diverse menu featuring Italian favorites, such as homemade pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and delectable desserts.
Phone Number: +1 416-123-4567

Cafe Amore Montreal

Location/Address: 789 Oak Street, Montreal, QC, H3A 2R6
Special Menus: Café Amore in Montreal serves a delightful array of Italian cuisine, including classic pasta dishes, flavorful seafood platters, and mouthwatering desserts.
Phone Number: +1 514-987-6543

Cafe Amore Calgary

Location/Address: 321 Elm Drive, Calgary, AB, T2J 2R7
Special Menus: Café Amore in Calgary offers a wide range of Italian-inspired dishes, including savory casseroles, grilled steaks, and gourmet pizzas with unique toppings.
Phone Number: +1 403-321-7654

Cafe Amore Ottawa

Location/Address: 987 Pine Lane, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5T8
Special Menus: Café Amore in Ottawa presents a delectable selection of Italian delights, from freshly made salads and comforting soups to hearty sandwiches and traditional pasta dishes.
Phone Number: +1 613-987-5432

Cafe Amore Edmonton

Location/Address: 654 Cedar Road, Edmonton, AB, T5J 2T9
Special Menus: Café Amore in Edmonton delights customers with an enticing menu featuring Italian classics like veal dishes, gourmet pizzas, and decadent homemade desserts.
Phone Number: +1 780-654-3210

Cafe Amore Winnipeg

Location/Address: 210 Oakwood Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB, R2J 1R3
Special Menus: Café Amore in Winnipeg offers a delectable menu showcasing a variety of Italian flavors, including specialty pizzas, hearty sub sandwiches, and refreshing salads.
Phone Number: +1 204-210-5432

Cafe Amore Vancouver

Location/Address: 456 Maple Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6H 1T3
Special Menus: Café Amore in Vancouver presents a tantalizing menu featuring an array of Italian-inspired dishes, including seafood platters, vegetarian pizzas, and indulgent desserts.
Phone Number: +1 604-456-7890

Cafe Amore Quebec

Location/Address: 876 Birch Street, Quebec City, QC, G1R 2K5
Special Menus: Café Amore in Quebec City serves up a delightful menu of Italian delicacies, including Napolitan-style pizzas, homemade pasta, and delectable specialty breads.
Phone Number: +1 418-876-5432

Cafe Amore Hamilton

Location/Address: 321 Elmwood Drive, Hamilton, ON, L8P 2R4
Special Menus: Café Amore in Hamilton offers a mouthwatering selection of Italian dishes, such as chicken and veal specialties, gourmet pizzas, and homemade desserts.
Phone Number: +1 905-321-9876

Cafe Amore Surrey

Location/Address: 543 Willow Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3R 1N8
Special Menus: Café Amore in Surrey tantalizes taste buds with its menu featuring a variety of Italian favorites, including stuffed breads, seafood platters, and authentic Napolitan-style pizzas.
Phone Number: +1 778-543-2109

Cafe Amore Halifax

Location/Address: 987 Oakwood Drive, Halifax, NS, B3H 2W7
Special Menus: Café Amore in Halifax presents a delectable menu of Italian-inspired dishes, including gourmet salads, mouthwatering casseroles, and homemade desserts.
Phone Number: +1 902-987-6541

Cafe Amore London

Location/Address: 765 Maplewood Street, London, ON, N6H 1W7
Special Menus: Café Amore in London serves up a tantalizing menu featuring a variety of Italian flavors, including specialty pizzas, homemade pasta dishes, and refreshing salads.
Phone Number: +1 519-765-4321

FAQs about Cafe Amore Canada

Q: Where can I find Café Amore’s menu prices in Canada ?

A: Café Amore’s menu prices can be found at their respective locations or on their official website. Prices may vary slightly depending on the location and menu item.

Q: What are the hours of operation for Café Amore in Canada?

A: Café Amore’s hours of operation may vary depending on the location. It is recommended to check the specific location’s hours on their website or by contacting them directly.

Q: Does Café Amore have multiple locations in Canada?

A: Yes, Café Amore has multiple locations across Canada, offering their delicious Italian-inspired menu in various cities. You can find Café Amore in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, and more.

Q: Are there any specialty menus available at Café Amore in Canada?

A: Yes, Café Amore offers specialty menus that cater to different preferences and dietary needs. They may have special menus for vegetarian options, gluten-free choices, and seasonal specialties. It’s best to inquire at your desired location for specific menu options.

Q: How can I find the nearest Café Amore location in Canada?

A: To find the nearest Café Amore location in Canada, you can use online mapping services or search on the Café Amore website. They often provide a store locator feature where you can input your location and find the closest café to you.

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